4 Best WhatsApp Mods APK Download for Android (Updated 2020)

What is Whatsapp Mod Apk? The WhatsApp Messenger is one of the popular instant messaging platforms. It comes with chatting, calling and voice messaging features. However, many Android users are not satisfied with these features, rather they expect more from WhatsApp. That’s when the mod version came into the frontier. WhatsApp MOD is the unofficial version of WhatsApp application for Android. Mod APK brings tons of latest and trendy features for you. Also, in WhatsApp MOD APK, you will enjoy premium features. If you need more than what WhatsApp offers, then you can download the best WhatsApp mod Apk from our site.

Best WhatsApp Mods APK Download 2020

Are WhatsApp Mods APK Safe? 

WhatsApp Mods APK is safe and also unsafe from a different perspective. At first, from a legal point of view, WhatsApp MOD is not the official version. So, WhatsApp may take legal action against both the MOD APK developers and the users. Also, recently, you may hear that WhatsApp started to ban the users who use WhatsApp MOD version.

Moreover, WhatsApp APK uses end-to-end encryption method for messaging and voice calling. As a result, there is no chance that the other parties can retrieve your message. However, WhatsApp MODs Apps don’t have encryption system. So, it’s pretty much risky.

On the other hand, there is no evidence that the users have faced any security problem regarding WhatsApp MODs.

In conclusion, you should use it on your own risk.

Is WhatsApp Mods APK Free?

Yes, All WhatsApp Mods APK is free. You can download them from this website. Also, the download link available on Allwhatsappmods.com website, which is fully safe and secure.

4 Best WhatsApp Mods APK Download Free for Android:

If you are reading this then you have already known all the necessary info about WhatsApp mod for Android. We have researched and checked all the available WhatsApp mod APKs and found the best 4 for you.

1. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp APK is the best WhatsApp MODs APK in the market. With millions of downloads around the world, GBWhatsApp still stays in the high ground for Android users. However, though it is a great WhatsApp mod you must know that it’s not released from the official WhatsApp Messenger.

GBWhatsApp allows you to send large files, to use from the same Android phone but a different number, and to send huge images.

With GBWhatsApp Android App, you can hide last seen message. Also, you can change the date and time of your messages.

2. WhatsApp Plus

Back in 2012, Spanish App developer Rafalete has created WhatsApp Plus APK. It is one of the top WhatsApp mods APK in the market.

Enabling to install varieties of the stylish theme is the main feature of WhatsApp Plus mod. Besides, you will enjoy the basic features of WhatsApp.

Now you can change the background of WhatsApp Plus along with the text box. Also, choose beautiful templates from 700 collections.

3. YoWhatsApp

If you want your WhatsApp APK in a colorful manner then you can choose YoWhatsApp. Yousel Al-Basha has developed this amazing WhatsApp mod APK.

With YoWhatsApp APK, you can change the tedious user interface of WhatsApp and make it colorful. Also, you will be able to hide second tick, last seen tick and many more.

4. FMWhatsApp

Looking for WhatsApp MOD with minimum user interface design? Well, you should consider using FMWhatsApp APK. You can use several numbers at a time. Also, you will get many design option for the chat.

However, you will get excited when you will be able to send as large fila as 1 GB. Also, you can choose the bubble and ticks from more than 30 collections.

Finally no more words about the best Whatsapp mods application 2020. WhatsApp mods APK became popular because of the extra features. So, if you want various cool features, then you can think to download any of the above WhatsApp Mods. Thanks for visiting us.

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