AppLock APK Download Latest Version v2.8.10 for Android

Download AppLock APK and put a lock on any Android app with password, pattern, or fingerprint. If you want the maximum privacy and security to your Android device, then AppLock is best for you.

Here you will get DoMobile AppLock Latest version. Also, we will show you how to download and install App Lock.

Download DoMobile AppLock APK for Android

App Lock provides a high level of privacy protection and prevents unauthorized access. As a result, you can take control of your Android device.

DoMobile AppLock APK is very popular and one of the top security apps in the market. With over 100 million downloads, DoMobile AppLock still thriving among the Android users.

Here we will provide you the latest version of DoMobile AppLock APK full free for Android smartphone.

AppLock APK Download

What is an AppLock?

What is Android App Lock? AppLock is a security protocol that lets you lock any Android application using fingerprint, password, or pattern. It puts extra privacy on Android apps. So, after locking, you need to apply the password every time you try to open these apps.

Also, with AppLock, you can hide personal photos, videos, and specific files. Then you will see them within AppLock.

How AppLock Works?

AppLock APK works easily. First, you need to create a password, pattern or fingerprint to unlock any app. Then whenever you are going to open that app, it will ask for the password, pattern or fingerprint.

So, nobody can access your apps because only you know the password. As a result, it will prevent intruder access.

Also, with a simple password, you can hide the entire photo gallery. Then you will see those photos under AppLock.

Moreover, you can even hide the AppLock app from home screen.

How to Download AppLock APK Latest Version

There are many AppLock Android applications with the same names available in the market. But not all are efficient at the privacy protection.

However, DoMobile AppLock is the best app locker so far. Also, it is the number 1 app locker in more than 100 countries.

Besides, AppLock has over 300 million downloads. Moreover, DoMobile AppLock has 4.5 million reviews along with 4.4-star ratings. That’s why we have decided to give you DoMobile AppLock APK latest version.

Here we have prepared the DoMobile AppLock latest version for you. So, you can have the best Android app locking experience.

To download DoMobile AppLock APK, click on the “Download” button below. Then the download page will come.

From there click on the “Download” option and the APK file will be downloaded on your mobile.

AppLock APK File Info

APK Name: AppLock

Latest Version: v 2.8.10

Updated on: March 8, 2019

APK File Size: 8.1 MB

Package Name: com.domobile.applock

User License: Free

Language: English

Developer Credit: DoMobile

Android OS Requirement: 4.0 and up

Category: Security


Install from Google Play Store

How to Install AppLock APK on Android Mobile

If you are reading this, that means you have already downloaded AppLock and ready to install. Well, to install DoMobile AppLock APK, follow these steps below.

Go to your mobile “File Manager” option and open “Downloads” or “APKs” folder.

Find out App Lock APK file and click to open.

Then click on the “Install” button, and the installation process will begin.

It will take a few seconds to complete the installation.

After installed, click on the “Open” option and launch AppLock.

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Main Features

Prevent Unauthorized Access

If you are having the trouble of people accessing your mobile without permission, then install AppLock right now. With AppLock, you will be able to put an extra layer of lock on your device. So, nobody except you can unlock your Android smartphone.

Put Lock on Android Apps

After installing AppLock, you can lock any Android app with password, pattern, or fingerprint. So, every time you want to open that app, you need to give the password.

Also, AppLock will take a photo of intruder who will attempt to unlock your apps as proof.

Hide Picture and Video Gallery

AppLock comes with custom gallery hiding feature. If you don’t want to reveal your photos to all, then you can hide them using AppLock.

Then you can view them later inside AppLock preventing others from watching.

Browse Web Privately

AppLock comes with useful incognito browser feature. So, you can browse websites anonymously. Besides, the incognito browser will not save your browsing history or cookie.

Customize AppLock Theme

AppLock brings many unique themes for custom locking apps. So, you can change the lock password with different themes.

How do I find my hidden app lock?

AppLock has a feature to disappear from the home screen. But once you hide it then how to do you open AppLock.

Well, type your AppLock password which you have given earlier to hide this app in dial pad then you will find it.

Also, if it doesn’t work, then press the call button. Then you will find the AppLock app.

Final Thought

AppLock APK is a necessary daily app. Based on the number of downloads, we can say that it is trendy in the world. We are continually looking and checking for the AppLock update. Whenever we find the AppLock latest version, we will post it here. So, visit this post often and get AppLock latest full version.

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