Best Android Rooting APK

Android rooting APK is a one-click root tool for Android devices. If you are planning to root your mobile phone without a PC, then you are in the right place. Here I will explain best rooting Apps for Android. These root software are very popular and safe. If you want to root Android mobile and tablet right now, then just download any of them and gain the root access.

What is Rooting Android?

Rooting your phone gives you the administrative access to Android OS. After rooting, you can do anything with your device. Moreover, from uninstalling system app to installing a third-party app is possible in a rooted device. However, there are many rooting Apps for Android in the market. Not all are good enough. So, we have compiled the best Android Rooting APK below.

Best Android Rooting APK Tool without PC


1. KingRoot APK – The Best Android Rooting Tool 2019

If you are looking for the best Android rooting App, then KingRoot is for you. Also, people know KingRoot as one-click Android root tool.

After using years, if you see your mobile is gradually slowing down, then you need to root using KingRoot APK. Moreover, it is 100% safe. Also, the rooting success rate is very high.

People who are lazy enough, don’t want to flash with third-party recovery can use KingRoot App. Surprisingly, KingRoot supports almost all Android devices.

However, KingRoot works on both Android and computer. So, even if you want to root your mobile using a PC, then KingRoot can help.

In order to Download KingRoot APK from here.

 2. KingoRoot APK – One-Click Root APK

KingoRoot is a simple Android rooting APK with so many features. If you want a hassle-free one-click Android root tool, then just Download KingoRoot Apk file from here.

After installing KingoRoot will root your Android device within a second. Also, you can delete some unwanted system Apps along with other junk files.

3. One Click Root APK

You see the name itself defines its capability. OneClickRoot is safe and secure Android rooting software. Also, it is super-fast and simple.

Besides, OneClickRoot supports thousands of Android devices. So, whatever phone you use you can root using OneClickRoot APK.

4. Root Master APK

If you have little knowledge about Android root software but need to root right away, then download Root Master now. XDA developer team created this awesome APK. So, you can rely on it.

Whatever happens Root Master will not break you down. Also, the file size is really small. So, you can just download and root your Android device within a second.

5. FramaRoot APK

FramaRoot is one of the best rooting Apps for Android. Also, it’s been in the market for a long time. Moreover, you can use FramaRoot without a computer. So, it makes the whole rooting process simple and easy. Interestingly, you can unroot your Android devices with Framaroot.

6. iRoot APK

iRoot is very famous one-click rooting App software. Also, till now iRoot APK has rooted thousands of Android devices. If you want to uninstall some savvy Apps which have already installed, then just download and run iRoot. Besides, iRoot will block so many ads and pop-ups. Moreover, this Android rooting APK will boost your device performance.

7. Towelroot APK

Towelroot is popular because of the file size. Though it is a small Android rooting APK it’s highly efficient. Also, no complexity and no hassle.

Just download and press root. Geohot, one of the popular Android APP developers has built this amazing rooting tool.

8. Root Genius APK

Unlike other rooting Apps, Root Genius is different. It doesn’t require to install on your Android phone or tablet. After downloading Root Genius, you need to just double click to start the rooting process.

Besides, Root Genius covers almost 10,000 Android devices. Popular Chinese Android App developer Team Shuame has created this APK.

9. SRS Root APK

SRSRoot is a simple and convenient Android root software. It is also known as the one-click rooting app. the good news is you can use SRSRoot APK on both PC and Android devices.

Moreover, you can use this root tool on Android 1.5 or above. Also, SRSRoot will help you to unroot your Android smartphone.

10. 360 Root APK

While rooting Android is getting difficult but 360 Root makes it easy and simple. Also, you can use a computer or you can use only your Android device.

After downloading 360 Root APK, you can root Android with just a single tap. However, for your device safety, take a full back up of your device data before rooting.

So, if anything goes wrong you can get your Android system back.

11. Baidu Root APK

Baidu Root is a risk-free Android rooting tool. It covers more than 6000 models. Also, this APK is absolutely free and safe.

Moreover, Baidu Root speeds up your smartphones. Also, it cleans your memory storage and monitors any kind of malicious behavior. However, Baidu Root supports Android 2.2-4.4 versions.

12. Z4Root APK

Z4Root is one of the easiest options to root your Android device. It is free and safe. Also, you don’t need any programming knowledge.

Besides, you don’t need any technical info to use Z4Root APK. Once running this App you can root permanently, temporary or un-root your device.

On the other hand, the minimum Android version you need is 1.6. However, you must remember that using Z4Root may void your device warranty.

13. Universal AndRoot APK

Universal Androot is among the few Android rooting APK which support very limited smartphones. However, if it works then it will get rooting done without a second.

On the other hand, you may need another compatible rooting app for Android if it fails. Only the Brightside is you can root using Universal AndRoot without any PC or laptop.

We have thoroughly reviewed and researched the top Android rooting APK and finally, we have found these above rooting Apps. Now we are providing the download link and installation process for each of these rooting APK.

So, if you need to root Android, then just download any of the Android root software from above and use it. Besides, we will update and provide you the latest version of the best rooting APK. So, visit this post from time to time.

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