Best Job Searching Apps in Bangladesh

Using job apps is increasing as the Android users along with the number of graduates has been increasing exponentially. Nowadays, searching job circular is easy. With one click, you can check the latest BD job circulars. Also, a few of the Android apps will send notification as soon as they post your preferred career opportunity. If you have not installed one yet, here are the best 3 job apps in Bangladesh.

Do You Really Need a Job Apps?

Well, the answer will vary because many students and recent graduate job seekers do not have a computer or cannot access PC all the time but they have a smartphone. Therefore, it is convenient for them to browse job circulars from their mobile by purchasing a few MBs. Also, you can carry a mobile device anywhere. With one click, you can get the latest job updates. Moreover, if you have uploaded CV to major job management portal such as, then it will be easy for you to search and apply to any job with your app. Moreover, job apps will send you notification of all job circulars, as a result, you do not have to wait to get home, start your PC, search your expected circulars and apply. Career apps make searching and applying to jobs simple for you. Now you can check the recent job circular and apply anytime and anywhere.

 3 Best Job App for Android Users in Bangladesh


Bdjobs is the number one job application for Android users. It is a complete job portal for graduates because it lets you search for recent job circulars. In addition, you can apply for your desired job with one click. Moreover, you can edit your CV with this app. so, once you have filled up your online resume on, you can update it with the Android app.

Notice Board

Notice Board is our second choice followed by Bdjobs. However, it does not have an official web portal like Bdjobs, but it publishes the latest circulars and sends notifications of all the big job circulars. Therefore, there is no chance you miss any circular. Also, it reminds you of the deadline and related job circulars. With the Notice Board app, you can check the timelines of the circulars exam date, results, and VIVA time. Moreover, it will give you the download link of the admit cards and other related notice. Recently, it added the scholarship and education aid news.

Jobs BD

Created by Easy Soft BD, Jobs BD is around in the Google Play Store for a while. Jobs BD provides a daily update of all kinds of the Bangladeshi government and non-government job circulars. In addition, you will see the application link along with the job circulars. Like the above job apps, Jobs BD notifies you recently closing job circulars as well as the exam results.

If you have already completed your resume and uploaded it to the job management portal, then download any of the job apps and start applying. The more you apply for a job, the more the chance to be get notified by the employers. For more job circular update, check BDjobsFeed and apply to your favorite positions.

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