Download Google Play Store APK 2019 Free for Android

Google Play Store APK free download for android mobile. Now almost all Android smartphones come with Google Play Store App pre-installed. But if your device doesn’t have it, then you can download Google Play Store APK from here. We provide a 100% secure and safe Play Store APK file.

Download Google Play Store APK 2019

Google Play Store APK 2019 lets you install millions of Android Apps and games. Generally, maximum Android devices from various brands come with the Play Store App default. The reason is Google owns the Android operating system.

However, in many cases, like if you buy a mobile of Chines or another non-English version then you may not find Google Play Store App 2019 installed on your device.

Moreover, if you root your Android mobile, then the Play Store App will be deleted along with other Apps. So, in both cases, you need to download or descargar Play Store 2019.

However, the problem is you can’t download Play Store APK 2019 directly from Google. Moreover, the Google Play Store is not available for you to download and install officially.

Download Google Play Store APK

But don’t worry, we will provide you Google Play Store APK 2019 download link latest version free for Android mobile.

Now before proceeding to download details, let us clear a few important info about Google Play Store APK 2019.

Here we will discuss how to download and install Google Play Store APK 2019  full version for free. We also give you the brief tutorials of how to search and install any app using Play Store.

What is Google Play Store?

Play is one of the top products of Google LLC. For millions of Android users, Google has developed Play as an online mobile software distribution platform. Also, we all know this mobile software as an App.

So, the Google Play Store is an app depository for Android devices. Technology giant Google LLC. Has developed and is maintaining this platform.

Thousands of App developers are continually creating and upgrading Android Apps then uploading them to Google Play Store. Then Android users install these apps on their smartphone with one click.

What Google Play store do?

When you purchase an Android smartphone, you have to install different standalone apps for various activities.

For example, if you want to clean cache memory and junk files from your Android device, you need to install Clean Master APK. But the problem is Clean Master is a third-party Android app.

So, to use Clean Master, when you go to their website and click to download then you will come back to Google Play Store to install.

The reason is that Clean Master is an Android App and Play Store is the Android app directory. So, they uploaded it to Play Store for users to install directly.

However, like Clean Master, Google Play Store has been hosting millions of Android apps for users. Besides, you can not only install apps through the Play Store but also purchase and pay for premium apps.

Is Google Play Store Necessary?

Yes, but not all the time. With Google Play Store, you don’t have to download the full APK file then install them manually. Instead, you can install apps into your Android device directly.

Besides, you can access millions of different apps and games directly with one click. So, you don’t have to search for different app developer websites and download them one by one.

However, if you don’t want to use the Google Play Store app, then there are few alternative app depositories available for you.

But in most of the cases, you have to download the APK files first then install them on your Android device manually. Aptoide, Amazon App Store, and UptoDown are the few competitors.

Now we will show you how to download Google Play Store APK 2019 latest version free for Android.

How to Download Google Play Store APK Latest Version

If you want to download Google Play Store APK free for android mobile, then you are in the right place. From here we will provide the safest download link of a secure server.

To download, click on the link below and get Google Play Store APK latest version 2019 free.

After downloading the Play Store APK, you can see the APK file in the file manager option. However, if you can’t download Play Store yet, then feel free to comment below what type of problem you are facing. Later we will try to solve it.

Moreover, we are continually updating the download link whenever the latest version comes. So, visit Viral APK for next Google Play Store APK full version free for Android.

Google Play Store APK 2019 Latest Version File Info

APK Name: Google Play Store

Latest Version: 14.7.50-all [0] [FP] 244421004

Updated on: 30-04-2019

APK File Size: 19.1 MB

User License: Free

Language: English

Developer Credit: Google LLC

Android OS Requirement: 4.1 and up

Category: Tools


How to Install Google Play Store APK 2019

If you haven’t downloaded the Play Store APK yet, then click on the “Download” button above and get the Google Play Store APK latest version for Android mobile.

Now we are going to discuss how you can install Google Play Store APK on your Android device easily.

Though Google Play Store APK file doesn’t come automatically in your device, so you need to install Play Store APK manually.

So, to install Google Play Store APK, follow these instructions below.

Go to your mobile’s “File Manager” option.

Now under “APKs” or “Downloads” folder, look for “Google Play Store APK” file.

Then click on the Google Play Store APK file to open.

Now click to “Install” button.

Then you will see a pop-up notification from Android system saying that you are going to install a third-party app which may harm your device if it is not trusted.

But we all know that both Android OS and Google Play Store App are the original products of Google LLC. So, click “Yes” to proceed.

Then after a few seconds, the Google Play Store app will be installed on your Android device.

How to Set Up Google Play Store App 2019

After downloading and installing the Play Store APK, now you need to set up the Google Play Store before using this app.

To set up your account, you have to log in using a Gmail account info. If you haven’t created one yet then go to and create one for free.

As you know Play Store owned by Google, so, you can sign in any Google product with your Gmail account info.

Now open Google Play Store from the app section, and it will ask to log in.

Enter your Google or Gmail email ID and password.

Then you will get the full access to Google Play Store App.

How to Use Google Play Store App 2019

If you are reading this, then I guess you have installed and set up the Google Play Store App on your Android device. Now you are ready to use Play Store to install Android Apps for your device.

As we remind you earlier that with Play Store App, you don’t have to download APK file of any Android app instead you can install them through Google Play Store.

So, to find the app, open Play Store App from your home screen.

There you will see a list of new and updated apps for you. Also, you will notice many games you may need.

Besides, Google Play Store 2019 will show you many apps suggestions and recommendations.

How to Install Apps from Play Store Suggestions

Now scroll through and tap on which one you want to install.

Then your chosen app will open along with the “Install” button. Below the app, you will see that app review such as ratings, size, and the number of downloads.

Now if you scroll below, then you will see the brief descriptions about this app along with users’ reviews and ratings.

You can read those reviews to get the idea of how the app is performing and what are the pros and cons. Then if you satisfy with all the information provided here, you can click on the “Install” button.

It takes a few seconds to install that app because Google Play Store will verify your device and account first then the app will be installed on your device.

How to Install Apps by Searching on Play Store

If you don’t find the app you are looking for, then you have to search for it. Most of the cases you will find the latest version of any app such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, imo, or Instagram.

But there are few MODs and apps such as GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, or WhatsApp Plus you may not find on Google Play Store. So, you have to download them from elsewhere.

However, to find and install any app, open Google Play Store App. Then at the top of the dashboard, you will see a white box where “Google Play” is written. That is the search box of the Play Store.

Now tap first and then type the Android app name. Then Google Play will search their directory and bring that app to you.

If you see the app which you are looking for in the search result then tap on it and click to install. Then that app will be installed on your Android device.

Google Play Store Main Features

Google Play Store is the official apps, games, music, and movie depository of Google. You can install and use Android apps through the Play Store. Also, you don’t even need to download the whole APK file onto your smartphone. As a result, you can save RAM. Like this, there are many Google Play Store App features you may not know yet. So, here we have compiled the main features of Play Store APK.

Install Android App with One Click

Google Play Store APK lets you install any Android App available on their directory with one click. You search, find and click to install. It’s straightforward even if you don’t know the Play Store.

Play Store is one of the top Android app installers in the market. Moreover, because of the simplicity and user-friendly interface, through Google Play Store APK more than millions of app are being installed every day.

Install Apps without Downloading

With Play Store, you don’t need to download the APK file and then install it manually. Besides, Google Play Store provides an excellent opportunity to install an Android app without downloading them. As a result, you can save precious memory of your mobile phone.

Get 100% Safe and Secure Apps

Of course, you can trust the Play Store because Google owns it. So, all the Android apps you find on the Play Store are safe and secure to use.

Besides, none of the Apps contain any malicious or virus because Google Play Store screens apps first then the owners can upload.

So, install Android apps through Play Store without any tension of virus.

Get Related App Suggestions and Recommendations

As soon as you activate Google Play Store APK, it will start showing lots of app suggestions and recommendations related to you.

However, you should remember that the Play Store suggests apps based on your installed apps and your country’s top trending.

So, now it’s got even easier to find and install necessary apps and games.

Purchase Apps Easily

Google Play Store hosts millions of apps, and still, developers are constantly uploading. Now Play Store deposits not only free but also paid apps and games. So, users can buy them easily.

Moreover, add payment methods available to you and buy apps right now. So, we can see that Google Play Store APK is not only an app depository but also acts as a payment gateway.

Find Top Chart Statistics

If you want to know the trending Android Apps and games along with new releases, then you should check the Play Store top chart.

Google Play Store 2019 comes with amazing top chart feature to let all the Android users know the app trends.

So, whenever you look at the top chart, you will understand what the top 100 Android free apps, as well as free games, are.

Besides, the top chart will inform you the trending paid and free games. So, the choice is yours.

Update Apps Automatically

When you launch the Google Play Store app, then you don’t have to worry about updating different applications. Interestingly, Play Store updates all the apps you have installed through it whenever the new versions come.

So, install any app using the Google Play Store and then start using it. Play Store will take care of the updating part.

Google Play Store APK Final Thoughts

Google Play Store is very popular among Android users. More importantly, Google developed the Android operating system. So, every Android smartphones come with Google Play Store app by default.

However, in case of rooting or Chine version Android phone, you need to download Google Play Store APK free for Android mobile. Hence we provide the secure download link. So, download Play Store app and install with the above instructions. Then experience the best of Android apps.

Moreover, we will upload the latest version of Google Play Store when the official version comes. So, bookmark and visit this post for Google Play Store 2019 most recent version.

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