Google Chrome APK Download Latest Version v74.0.3729.136

Google Chrome APK is the mobile web browser specially designed for Android smartphone. The tech giant Google has developed this fantastic browser. You can download Google Chrome APK latest version from here.

What is Google Chrome APK?

Google Chrome App is the fastest and the most secure mobile browser you will ever find. Besides, in every latest version, Google is trying to add more useful features to give you the next level browsing experiences. Here you will find the latest version of Chrome browser APK for your Android mobile device.

Google Chrome APK Download

Google Chrome App is the best browser for Android devices because it can let you surf lighting fast. Also, you can start Chrome APK within a second. Besides, it loads websites with a blink of an eye. Moreover, you will be able to run your favorite applications smoothly.

Chrome Android mobile browser is easy to use because Google developers have designed Chrome clean. As a result, Anyone can use this APK without any difficulty. Also, Google Chrome is the most secure browser on the internet.

Interestingly, you don’t have to be a security expert in using this APK. The security team of Google Chrome App has already added all the security features into the system.

However, in this article, I will explain all the essential features of Google Chrome APK along with the download link of the latest version of Chrome APK for Android.

Chrome Android App Features

The standard Google Chrome feature is the synchronization of your favorite websites in one place. Also, you will see top news and articles links customized for you in the home tab. Besides, you will find your previous download history.

Moreover, it has built-in search, and Google translates features. However, besides these standard features here are the top Google Chrome features for you.

Personalized Browsing

From your customized search history, Google saves the frequently used search terms and phrases. After that when you search any keyword on the search bar, Google show related keywords from your personalized search record.

Then you click on the keyword from below suggestions, and your search result will come. So this way you need to type less but browse fast.

Also, like search history, you can see your favorite websites while typing and go to these sites with just one click. Moreover, the autofill is another feature you can use.

While typing any info such as password, name or address Chrome will fill up for you. Remember autofill will appear if you type your info previously.

Incognito Mode

Do you want to search for anonymously? Do you want your browser not to save your browsing history? Well, Chrome will help you out. It has a unique incognito feature.

With incognito mode, Chrome will not save your browsing history in all of your devices. So you can browse privately and more securely.

Browsing Data Synchronization

Google Chrome now lets you sync your essential information such as ID, password, or bookmarks across all your devices. So, it doesn’t matter if you save any password in the desktop, but now you want to log in via mobile.

Just sign in to Chrome with Google ID then you will see your password. Instead, you don’t have to type the password; Google auto fill will fill up all info.

The Favorite Websites in Home

Beside fast browsing, auto fill, sync data, and incognito mode, now you can arrange your favorite sites in Chrome home tab.

Like Google Chrome desktop home page, mobile browser home tab has now added the content tab. So, save your essential websites in Chrome settings, and it will show an important news for you.

Also, now it has a new feature called “Touch to Search.” Every time you are on any web page, and you want to know Google any word from this page tab on them. Then Chrome will show you the search result for this word.

Risk-Free Browsing

Google Chrome APK now protects your mobile devices while surfing the web. With safe built-in browsing technique, whenever you attempt to search any dangerous website Chrome will warn you. It also lets you know any virus or bug affected file while downloading.

Exclusive Download

With the customized download button now you can easily download pictures, videos, and even the entire webpage.

Also, it has built-in downloads home within this browser. Besides, you will find all the downloads in this home online or offline.

Voice Search

Chrome mobile browser comes with voice recognition search feature. Now you can search any query by just telling to Chrome. So you will be able to search and navigate any content by voice search faster.

Built-in Translation

Have you found content in a foreign language and difficult to read? Well, don’t worry. Google Chrome browser APK has now built-in translate feature.

Now you can translate any webpage with a single tab. After all, the reading webpage in another language is no problem anymore.

Mobile Data Saving

Google Chrome mobile APK has the unique feature of data saving capability. Now you can save up to 60% mobile data while browsing.

Chrome APK will compress the text, image or webpage to save data but it doesn’t lower the content quality.

Customized News in Feed

Google Chrome now creates personalize news tab with your frequently visited webpages. So, every time you open Chrome on mobile, you will see customize news or articles. Now you don’t have to type the whole query. Just ask Chrome.

Download Google Chrome Latest Version for Android

Google Chrome APK for Android mobile is one of the fastest browsers you have ever seen. Android mobile users around the world love it because of its simplicity. Also, Chrome APK will provide the best browsing experiences with advanced features.

However, if you want to try the Chrome browser, then you must get the latest version of Chrome APK. Google frequently updates Chrome, and in every update, you will see some fantastic features.

However, the latest Google Chrome browser APK for Android mobile is v74.0.3729.136. This APK version comes with lots of significant features.

Google has also fixed bugs and provide browsing stability. Below is the download link of Google Chrome APK latest version. Just click on the link and get the file from Google Play Store.

Play Store has the official APK file for Chrome APK. So you don’t have to worry about any virus. After all, we suggest you download APK file from Play Store instead of other websites.

Google Chrome mobile APK File Information

Browser Name: Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

Package Name:

File Size: 45.04 MB

Developer’s Name: Google LLC.

APK Category: Communication

APK Version Serial: v74.0.3729.136

Updated: May 3, 2019

Price: Free

Operating System: Android

Minimum Required Android Version: Android 4.1 and higher

Google Chrome APK Download Link

Google Play Store

What’s New with Chrome APK v74.0.3729.136

Now you can translate any web page by simply clicking the “Translate” option from the menu.

Millions of Android mobile users know Google Chrome as a fast, secure and simple web browser. Also, it gives you a simple user interface and clean navigation.

With the latest version Chrome confirms stability. Moreover, you will see browsing performance enhancement to provide the top level experience.

Now Chrome APK provides download home button, incognito mode, and data saving technology. Besides, you can see top news article links on a new tab.

With all these features Google Chrome must win the best mobile browser for Android.

Google Chrome App Final Thoughts

Google Chrome APK provides all the browsing features you need. Android users know Chrome as a fast mobile browser.

Also, Chrome APK has already been downloaded and installed more than one billion times. Moreover, almost 9.5 million users have already rated this APK 4.3.

If you want a fast, secure and straightforward browser, then Chrome is for you. So, download Chrome APK from the above link and use it as you wish.

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