imo APK Download Free for Android Smartphone

Download imo APK for Android. imo messenger is one of the leading free video and chat apps for mobile. Here you can download imo app latest version free for Android devices. Also, we will show you how to set up and use imo video calling and chatting app.

Download IMO APK Free for Android Mobile

imo APK Download

Looking for a free instant messaging app for Android? Well, you can use imo APK without any hesitation. imo app is the top and highest downloaded Android app for video calls and chat. You can call or chat with your friends and family from anywhere around the world without spending a dime.

Besides, the video quality is super high. Most importantly, imo APK is 100% free.

Here we are going to give you a detailed review of imo apps along with the latest version download link. Also, we will show you how to install imo APK as well as how to use.

What is imo Messenger?

imo is a popular free instant messaging app where the users can send and receive text messages real time as well as join in video calls. With an average mobile data connection, you can use imo messenger for both video calls and chat.

imo app is founded by top developers from Silicon Valley and associated with business executives. It has currently more than 200 million users worldwide.

There are many messaging apps like imo APK available in the market. But WhatsApp APK, Skype, Snapchat, WeChat, and Viber are the most popular.

imo app doesn’t cost you money. However, it will use your internet connection. So, you need to buy a mobile data package.

Is it safe to video call on imo?

imo was a messaging app at first. Then it introduced a video call feature which makes imo APK one of the most popular messaging platforms.

The privacy of imo messenger is strong. So, it is safe to video call on imo app. However, because of so many misbehaviors on imo, the parents should supervise their teens and children when they use imo APK.

Is imo chat secure?

According to imo app privacy policy, both chat and video calls are encrypted. That means only the participants can able to see the chat. Also, no one besides the video call users can watch and hear the conversations.

However, there is not much info about it. But we haven’t found any security breach of imo APK privacy. So, we can say that imo chat is secure for now.

Why you should use imo APK?

imo APK is a very popular Android messaging application. With over 500 million downloads, imo app user base is still growing. Because of simplicity and user-friendly UI, Android users love this messaging application. Here are the several prominent incentives to use imo APK.

  • A simple text messaging platform.
  • HD audio and video calling feature.
  • One click sharing option.
  • Fast file transferring system.
  • Collaborate with a big group.
  • Free of charge.

How to Download imo APK Latest Version

If you want to download imo APK free latest version for Android, you are in the right place. Here we will give the secure and safe download link of imo app.

Also, we will provide you the tutorial about how to use imo app on Android mobile.

The latest version of imo APK is v9.8.000000011761.

To get imo APK latest version, click on the link below and download imo free Android app. If you want to see the downloaded file, go to your mobile file manager and check imo APK file under download or APK folder.

imo APK File Information

Messaging APK: imo free video calls and chat

Latest Version: v9.8.000000011761

Updated on: 12-04-2019

APK File Size: 21.14 MB

User License: Free

Language: English

Package Name:

Developer Credit:

Android OS Requirement: 4.0 and up

Category: Social

Download Imo APK Latest Version

Click Here to Download imo APK Official

How to Install imo APK on Android Mobile

If you are reading this that means you have already downloaded the imo APK and now ready to install. Well, here we will show you to do it easily.

To install imo APK on Android smartphone, just follow these steps.

Go to your mobile file manager and open “Download” or “APK” folder.

Find “imo APK”

Now click on APK file to open.

After opening the file, you will see the “Install” option at the end.

Now click on the “Install” button.

Then the imo app will be installed on your Android device.

Now click to open and use.

Till now we have discussed how to download the imo APK and the installation tutorials. However, if you don’t want to download the APK or have less RAM memory, then there is another way to use imo.

In this case, you don’t have to download the APK file. Instead, you can directly install imo to your Android. Here’s how you do it.

How to Install imo App Directly without Downloading

We all know about the Google Play Store for installing apps. If your mobile has a lower memory or can’t understand how to download the app, then you can use the Play Store. However, installing imo from the Play Store is easy because every Android mobile has built-in Play Store app.

To install the imo app from the Google Play Store, just follow these steps.

Open Google Play Store app from your mobile home feed.

At the top of the Play Store home, you will see the “Google Play” name which is the search box of Play Store.

Now search “imo” and from the search suggestion tap on “imo free video calls and chat”.

Then you will see the imo app with an install button.

Now click on the “Install” button and Play Store will verify and install the imo app on your Android device.

After installation, now you are ready to set up imo app on your smartphone.

However, if you still don’t understand these steps then just click the below link and install imo app free.

 imo app Play Store link

How to Set Up imo on Mobile

After installing, click the “Open” button to start imo app. Then it will ask permission to your phone. Now tap on the “Allow” button and then you need to verify your phone number as well as your country.

By default, you will see your country name. But in case it doesn’t show your country correctly, then change the country name from the drop-down menu.

Now enter your mobile number without the country and tap on the “tick mark” button at the right side of your mobile number.

Then imo will ask to confirm if your number is right.

If your number is correct then click “Okay”. Otherwise, tap “Edit” to change.

However, after clicking on “Okay”. Imo will take a moment and ask your permission to access your contacts. The reason is that by accessing your contact imo will add contact names. So, you don’t have to add contacts individually.

After granting the permission and clicking on “Okay”, you will see all the contact list which already have been added who have installed imo. Now you are ready to call or chat.

How to set up imo profile

Now click on the 3 parallel line which is a menu from the left bottom of imo dashboard. Then provide your profile picture and status.

Also, from the settings, you can provide or change your name or phone number. After doing all these steps, your full profile is ready for the public.

Like Facebook or Twitter status, here in imo you can share anything like your story. So, tap on “Add a story” option from the dashboard and imo will open your mobile camera. Then take a picture or selfie and add to your story immediately or choose anything from your gallery.

Also, you can share or add to your story from your photo gallery directly by clicking on the picture share button then choosing Imo messenger. Then imo will add your chosen photo to your story.

Now in the imo dashboard, you will see two options such as “Chats” and “Contacts”. So, in order to text or call, tap on the “Contacts” option and click on the name or profile from the list.

Then the contact’s profile will open along with messaging option at the bottom, audio, and video calling options at the top. Now you can start texting or calling.


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imo APK Features

Till now we think you have already understood about imo APK and got the features summary. However, here we are going to discuss all the important features on imo app you can enjoy.

Start High-Quality Audio and Video Calls

imo app offers really high-quality uninterrupted audio and video calls. Moreover, it is free but it consumes your mobile data.

No matter where your receiver is, you can always reach them even they live in abroad.

Enjoy traditional instant messaging

Of course, imo provides a messaging platform for users along with audio and video calling feature. Now you can message your contacts along with lots of stickers and emojis.

Also, you will find the voice recording feature on the right side of the text box. So, you get all methods of communication through imo APK.

Share Your Story

Just like Facebook status or any other social media status, now you can share your status such as photo, text, or video as imo story. Whatever on your mind, you can share and your whole Imo contact list will see.

Send Large File Super-Fast

imo APK is a complete communication solution. Until now you have understood the common messaging features of imo app. However, you may surprise to know that imo is more than a communication platform.

Now you can send and receive any kind of files through imo app. The supported file formats are music, photo, video, PDF, Doc, or other formats.

However, you can send as large files as you can but the file size is limited to 10 GB.

Create a Group

While using imo APK, do you miss the Facebook group activities? Well, don’t worry. imo app has the group feature too.

Now you can create a group or participate in another. However, the group members must be no more than 100K.

So, these are the main features of imo APK. We hope you have already got what you wanted about imo app. Now you know all the imo APK features. So, enjoy your journey with imo and connect your friends and family.

Now we will discuss few commonly asked questions about imo APK.

People also ask about imo Messenger

1. Can we download IMO on PC?

Yes, IMO has PC version too along with Android. So, you can download imo on your PC.

2. How can I make a video call on imo?

Just open imo app from your smartphone and go to your contact list. Then click who you want to make a video call.

Now that person’s profile will come and at the top right, you will see both audio and video call icon. However, the telephone icon is for audio and the camera icon is for video call.

So, click on the camera icon at the top right side and the video calling process will begin.

3. Is it safe to video call on imo?

All the features of imo are encrypted meaning only both the users can see and watch their activities. No one will hear or see your activities.

So, we can say that it’s safe to video call on imo app.

4. Can IMO video calls be hacked?

No, IMO video calls can’t be hacked.

imo server saves the video calls as long as you download or continue. So, whenever you complete the call, there is no video call record available for anyone.

Interestingly, there is a message history or call number history you can find. But there are no video or audio call duration or record on imo APK.

So, IMO is safe for you.

5. Can I install IMO on my laptop?

Yes, IMO has a PC version for both Windows and Mac.

 6. How can I contact IMO customer support?

imo customer support number is 929-403-6080 and their contact email is So, contact them if you face any problem.

imo APK Final Thoughts

After giving you the detailed review of imo APK along with download link, we can say that imo is an amazing social communication platform. Moreover, imo is free for everybody. However, you will see in-app advertisement while using this application. Comment below if you have any query.

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