Messenger APK Download Latest Version v210.

Facebook Messenger APK download the latest version for Android smartphone with one click from here. Messenger is the official Android App developed by Facebook Inc. and made it text as simple as possible.

If you didn’t download Messenger App yet, you can find the 100% secure link from this post. Just click on the download button below and start chatting with your Facebook friends as well as your phone contacts.

What is Facebook Messenger APK?

Messenger APK Download

Simply Facebook Messenger is a popular messaging App for Android device. You can also use it on your iPhone.

Besides, it is a standalone messaging App. That means apart from Facebook App, you can use Messenger as a separate platform.

Facebook Messenger APK is the most downloaded instant messaging App in the market. People love it because it is simple, easy and most importantly Facebook own this Android App.

Back in 2008, Facebook launched Facebook Chat which works along with Facebook App. But in 2010, Facebook Inc. introduced messaging service. However, in 2011, the Facebook messenger came with a standalone App.

After that, you can find a variety of versions such as web interface, windows, and iOS along with Android. Now people can use Facebook and Messenger for Android separately.

What is the difference between Messenger and Facebook?

Facebook is the top social media platform. You can connect with different people as friends, create a group, watch videos, and chat with your connected friends.

On the other hand, Messenger, owned by Facebook is the standalone App only for messaging and voice calling.

Facebook developed a Messenger application for chatting. If you are in the Facebook App, you can experience all the features including messaging. But in Messenger, you can only chat and call. Also, you can get alert of messaging in your Messenger APK.

So, when you are on Facebook you can use both Facebook and Messenger in one App. However, when you are in Messenger App you can only chat.

Why Do You need to Download and Use Messenger APK for Android?

Messenger APK lets you connect to your Facebook friends. Because of separate Android App, you don’t need to check in to Facebook to use Messenger.

Now you can use Messenger whenever you want without checking in to Facebook App.

With messenger Android App, now you can send a message to your Facebook friends instantly. Besides, you can chat with people who are in your phone contact.

As we all know messenger has voice calling feature. So, you can not only text but also call using messenger APK.

In recent years, Facebook has introduced video calling feature in Messenger. If you have a high-speed internet connection, then you will be able to video chat with your friends.

Messenger APK has thousands of stickers and emoji. So, you will find the perfect emoji or sticker for every conversation.

Sending photos and videos is common. Using Messenger, you can send photos and videos with many filters.

Messenger has a voice message option. So, send a voice message when texting is not enough.

Now without further delay, I will show you how to download and install Facebook Messenger APK for Android.

What is the Facebook Messenger Latest Version for Android?

Since the initial release, Facebook updates the Messenger more often. Also, with every update version, there are more features you will get.

The latest version of Facebook Messenger for Android is v210. Here you can download Messenger latest version APK.

How to Download Facebook Messenger APK?

Downloading Facebook Messenger is simple. Now you can download Messenger APK latest version from this post. We have researched and got the latest version for you.

Below you will see the download link of Messenger App for Android.

Click on the download button and follow the instructions. Then the APK file will be downloaded in your Android smartphone.

If you want to see, just go to your download folder and check for Messenger APK file.

Download Link



Google Play Store

Facebook Messenger App for Android File Info

Messaging APK Name: Messenger – Text and Video Chat for Free

APK Latest Version: v210.

Latest Version Release date: 8th April 2019

File Size: 42.5 MB

Developer Credit: Facebook Inc.

Original Release Date: 30th January 2014

Advertisement: In-app purchase

Number of Downloads: 1 Billion+

Ratings: 4.1 out of 5

APK Type: Communication, Social

User License: Free

How to Install Facebook Messenger APK Latest Version

If you haven’t downloaded Messenger App yet, just download it from the above link. After downloading, go to your mobile download folder and find Messenger APK.

Now click on the APK file to open. Then you will see the install option.

Now tap on the “Install” button. Then within a few seconds depending on your internet speed, Messenger App will be installed in your Android phone.

Now open the Messenger App and log in with your Facebook ID and password. After logging in you will see your friends list who are in online right now.

However, there is a green circle beside the name of your friends who are online right now. So, start chatting with them easily.

Moreover, if your friend is not online then don’t worry. Send your message and your friend will get it whenever they are online.

Facebook Messenger APK Features

We all know that Facebook Messenger is for chatting and calling. But Messenger is used for more than messaging. So, here I am going to discuss the main features of Facebook Messenger.

Send a Simple Message

Well, we all know this text messaging feature of Facebook Messenger. But did you know you can continue your conversation across your other devices?

Now you can start messaging with your smartphone and then continue with a PC or iPhone. That means Messenger APK is a simple messaging App to use different devices seamlessly.

Messenger APK Makes Voice Message Easy

In the case of the text conversation doesn’t work, just record your message and send it over. Messenger has an excellent built-in voice recording feature. So, you need to just record your voice text, sing or shout then hit send button.

The voice message is popular now because it needs less time but you can send more words. Besides, the voice message contains the emotion vibe.

Make Voice and Video Call Super Simple

Facebook Messenger for Android makes voice and video chat makes easy. With a simple internet connection or Wi-Fi, you can call your friends free. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, then the standard fee will be applied.

However, if your internet speed is high, then you will be able to make a video call. Moreover, group members can make video conference within a second.

Express Feelings through Emojis, Stickers, and GIFs

What do you need to make your message extra appealing? Well, how about an elegant sticker, a funny emoji or laughing GIF?

Now Facebook Messenger APK has thousands of stickers, emojis, and GIFs collection. You can add these with a simple tap while messaging.

As we all know emoji or sticker carry an extra value to the conversation. Also, with a simple emoji, you can express your conversation in a better way.

So, just send an emoji and make your text messaging more interesting.

Take Picture or Video and Send Right Away

Messenger has built-in camera feature so you can capture your moment and send it right now without leaving the App.

Years ago, if you wanted to send a picture to your friend, then you would need to take a picture first and then you could send. But now you can take and send a picture instantly.

Not only pictures but also videos can be taken and sent in Messenger. Now you can either shoot video right away or send it from your gallery instantly.

Experience New Group Activities

Messenger APK latest version comes with new group feature. From now on you can create and manage the group in Messenger easily.

Also, the group members can make a plan using pools.

Facebook Messenger has a built-in map feature. So, group members can share their location, meet together, and share their bills using Messenger.

Receive Money Whenever You Need

If you need money urgent, then you don’t have to opt-out from Messenger and go to PayPal. Now your friend can send money through Messenger without leaving the App.

Facebook Messenger has a money transfer feature such as debit card or PayPal integrated. If your friend wants to send money to you, then they just choose the money sending option and give you whatever you want.

Get Business Support Easily

Do you need a reservation at your favorite restaurant? Well, you don’t leave Messenger APK. Now you can do it within Messenger App. Also, this Messenger Android App helps you to get customer support, business deal, and meetings easier than before.

Start Playing Games

In the “Discover” section of Messenger, you will see the “Games” option. Here you will see what games your friends are playing. So, you can play these games too.

Also, you can even challenge your friends. Moreover, you will see who comes to the leaderboard fast.

If you want Messenger alternative then download WhatsApp Messenger APK latest version by clicking the link below.

WhatsApp APK Latest Version.

Messenger APK Final Verdict

Facebook Messenger APK is the top downloaded messaging app for Android. If you haven’t download it yet, just click on the download button above and get this awesome app right now.

We update our download link when the official version releases. So, visit this post or bookmark for future reference.

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