Snaptube APK Download Latest Version v4.62.0.4621810

Download Snaptube APK latest version free for Android smartphone. Snaptube is mostly popular as YouTube Downloader. However, with Snaptube you can download video from Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

Moreover, it lets you download any video instantly. From here you can download Snaptube APK latest version.

What is Snaptube APK?

Snaptube APK Download

Snaptube APK is an Android video downloader App. With this App, you can download videos from websites with high speed. Fast downloading speed is the specialty of Snaptube. Also, it is safe and secure.

Besides, Snaptube user interface is simple and easy to navigate. This is a free Android downloader APK.

Moreover, you can download and convert videos. Also, this APK lets you download the audio in MP3 format. If you haven’t used Snaptube, then you can get it from here for free.

Is Snaptube app safe?

Snaptube is one of the highest downloaded Android Apps. Since the release, Snaptube App is still trending downloader in the market.

Besides, there are no complaints we have found against it. It is a highly efficient HD video and audio downloader Android application. So, we can say Snaptube App is safe.

Download Snaptube APK Latest Version Free for Android

If you are looking for Snaptube APK, then you are in the right place. Here I will give you the fastest download link for Snaptube for Android.

The latest version of Snaptube APK is v4.62.0.4621810. We added the latest version on 11th April 2019.

Now download Snaptube APK latest version from this post free for Android devices.

How to Download Snaptube APK v4.62.0.4621810 is the best Android App downloading site. You can find specific Android Apps which need most. Also, I always show you how you will download and install different APK if you are new.

We search and find a secure and safe APK file for you.

However, now I will guide you step by step how to download Snaptube video downloader App. It’s easy and simple.

Unfortunately, Snaptube App is not available in Google Play Store, but don’t worry, I will give you the download link. Snaptube APK file which you can download below is 100% safe and virus free.

In order to download Snaptube App, just click on the download link below and download Snaptube latest version for Android. Due to the small APK file size, you will be able to download the file instantly.

Snaptube APK Download Link


Snaptube APK Latest Version File Info

APK Downloader Name: Snaptube – Video Downloader

Latest Version: v4.62.0.4621810

APK File Size: 12.49 MB

Updated On: 11th April 2019

User License: Free

Number of Downloads: 800 Million+

Ratings: 8/10

Primary Language: English

Developer Credit: Snaptube

Android Requirement: 4.1+

Category: Tools

How to Install Snaptube APK Latest Version v4.62.0.4621810

If you are new and haven’t installed any third-party app on your Android device before, then follow this below instructions.

Settings >> Privacy >> Tick/Check Unknown sources.

Now in order to download Snaptube App, just open your download folder and find Snaptube APK file.

Open Snaptube App file and tap on “Install” button.

Now Snaptube will be installed in your smartphone within a few seconds.

How to download videos from YouTube with SnapTube APK

If you are reading this, that means you have already downloaded and installed Snaptube App. Now I will show you how you can download YouTube video as well as any kind of video from any website. Just follow my step by step guidelines.

Step 1: Open Snaptube App from your Android mobile. Then you will see the main Snaptube interface.

Now above the App, you will see the search box. In the search box, you can search for any video sharing website such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and many more.

Then search YouTube or in the short-cut section, you will see the YouTube logo. Tap on YouTube logo and you will be redirected to YouTube website.

Step 2: Now you are in the YouTube home feed in your mobile. Obviously, you will know how to search for any video on YouTube.

Log in to YouTube and you will see your customize video feed. Now search the video you want to download or choose from the home feed.

Step 3: Open the video you want to download. Then you will see a yellow downward arrow button. Now click/tap on this button and a pop-up will appear.

Step 4: In the pop-up, there are few options such as video format and quality. Now choose video formats such as MP4, FLV, or MKV. Also, choose video quality such as 360p, 480p, 780p or HD.

After selecting these options, tap on the download button. Wait a little bit and the download will be started.

How much time it will take depends on your internet data and speed. However, after a while, your video will be downloaded. Then you can watch those videos offline.

How to Download YouTube Video with Snaptube Online

If you don’t want to install Snaptube APK but want to download video then you are in the right place. Snaptube has an online version beside the APK.

Because of limited mobile internal space or other reasons, many smartphone users are unwilling to install Snaptube APK. So, Snaptube brought you the online version.

In order to download YouTube video with Snaptube online, just click on this link.

This is the official online version of Snaptube video downloader. In this site, you will see a search box. Now you have two options; one is to put the search query and another is to put the video URL directly.

Search Video on Snaptube Online

If you not sure which video you want to download but you know the topic, then simply type the key phrase in the box. Then hit enter or tap on the search icon at the right side of the box.

Snaptube will analyze and bring the appropriate videos for your search query. Also, you will see the “Download” button below every video.

Choose which video you want to download and hit the “Download” button. Then the video will be downloaded on your mobile.

Inserting Video URL on Snaptube Online

However, there is another option to download YouTube video with Snaptube online. In the search box, you can also put the video URL to download.

So, go to YouTube and search which video you want to download. Now tap on the share button below the videos and click on the “Copy link” option.

Now you have copied the video URL but by default, it is a shortened URL but Snaptube online requires the original video URL. So, you need to convert the shortened URL to a normal URL.

To change the shortened YouTube video URL to original, you can use two options. One is just pasted the copied URL to Google or your mobile web browser.

When you search by your copied URL, then the URL will be changed to the original one. Then just copy the original one and paste in the Snappea search box.

Besides, you can use any URL expander such as URLEX.ORG to convert the shortened to long URL. Then paste in the Snappea search box.

Then the video download option will come up and the video preview will come up along with the download option.

Below the video preview, you will see a downward arrow box which is a download button. Now hit the download button and the video will be downloaded in your smartphone.

Snaptube APK Supported Websites

We all know that Snaptube APK supports YouTube but the good news is that it supports other video sharing sites too.

Also, Snaptube App supports social networking sites. So, here is the compilation of top websites Snaptube supports.


Main Features

If you are looking for a simple, clean and easy-to-use free video downloader, then Snaptube APK should be your first choice.

With an incredibly simple user interface along with direct download option, Snaptube provides the best audio and video downloading experience.

Here are the top Snaptube features for you.

Free Music and Video Downloader

Snaptube APK is one of the best video downloader Apps you can find online. Though there are few other free YouTube downloader out there Snaptube is more popular than others.

Simplicity and easy user interface make Snaptube different from others.

High-Resolution Video Downloader for Android

Snaptube APK is an awesome video downloader if your mobile supports high resolution. Now Snaptube Android App offers the normal resolution to high.

It shows the resolution based on your mobile configuration.

However, you can download videos with 2K, 4K, and 8K resolution. Also, you can download 60FPS video to your mobile.

Synchronize with YouTube

Snaptube APK developed synchronization feature for YouTube. You will see the login option for YouTube in Snaptube App dashboard.

So, you can log in to your YouTube account and share your YouTube history.

After logging in, Snaptube will show your personalized search history and recommendation in Snaptube Android App.

Start Using Snaptube in Night Mode

In the latest version, Snaptube brings the night mode feature. It will help you to watch video comfortably.

Fewer Ads to Annoy

We all know how annoying is to see ads while using any Android App. But you got to see the ads because if the APK is free then ads are their revenue source.

However, due to the incremental popularity, Snaptube APK now reduces the number of ads in its App. So, you can use this APK more comfortably.

Search Your Favorite Videos

When you open the Snaptube APK, by default you will see the YouTube home feed with trending videos. Above the feed, there is a search option. So, you can search for any videos you like by typing the key phrase.

Snaptube has a built-in video player. So, you can watch videos in this App.

 Download MP3 to Smartphone

Don’t like the video or having low internal space? Well, don’t worry. Now you can download MP3 or MP3 version of videos in your mobile.

Manage Downloaded Video

In the lower section of Snaptube APK dashboard, there is a “My Files” folder. In “My Files” option, you can see all of your downloaded videos.

Now you can categories them into music and video. You even create different playlists.

New Video Recommendation Everyday

Like YouTube, you will get daily video recommendation based on your search and download history. Besides, you can watch your downloaded videos offline using the SnaTube video player.

Also, you can watch new YouTube videos online without leaving Snaptube App.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Snaptube APK

1. Is Snaptube APK Illegal?

Snaptube App is safe and secure. Using Snaptube is legal but what you can do with the videos may be the conflict of interest. Not all countries but few of them have made it illegal to download videos.

Also, YouTube has certain policies for different countries to limit the download options. Besides, few countries forbid to download YouTube videos.

In summary, we can say that Snaptube APK is for personal use only. You can’t share or distribute the downloaded videos without permission. Also, you can’t use Snaptube downloader for commercial purposes.

2. Why can’t I download YouTube videos with Snaptube?

Using Snaptube is legally based on the country you live in. If your country forbids downloading videos then Snaptube is no use for you.

Besides, there are some videos which have private property tagline. So, you can’t download them either.

So, whether you can download videos depends on the country and the copyright of the video.

3. Why can’t I find Snaptube APK in Google Play Store?

YouTube and Play Store both belong to Google. Google has made certain terms and conditions which prohibit downloading YouTube videos.

The reason is mainly the copyright issue. So, you can’t find Snaptube APK in the Play Store.

However, don’t worry about it. Download Snaptube App for Android from this post by clicking on the “Download” button above.

Final Thoughts

Snaptube APK is one of the best video downloader Apps. It is efficient, fast, and simple. Moreover, Snaptube is free. Also, it supports many video sharing and streaming sites. With a simple download button, you can download any video in a second.

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