What is Rooting Android? What is Android Rooting APK?

What is Rooting Android?

Rooting Android means using one click super root software to gain root access to the Android operating system. On the other hand, if you root your device running on Android, then you can have the administrative permission to the OS.

However, this administrative permission often called “Superuser access”. Moreover, rooting Android is similar to jailbreaking iOS. However, rooting is dangerous and beneficial simultaneously.

The reason is your intention. If you know what you are doing then you are fine. Otherwise, you may end up voiding your device warranty.

Now I will show you the advantages and disadvantages of rooting Android.

What is Rooting Android?

Why Should You Root Android Phone?

This is one good question. Also, the answer depends on what you are looking for. Android root is similar to be the administrator of windows. After rooting Android, now you have full access to OS.

Also, you can run Android in whatever mode you want. But the bigger advantage brings bigger responsibility. So, rooting is risky too.

If you don’t like any system app, after rooting you will be able to delete it. Also, you can install any special app on which Android or phone manufacturers put limitation.

Moreover, backing up data on standard mode is not possible but in rooted Android, you can back up easily with APK.

Also, changing CPU or RAM capability is another advantage of a rooted phone. Besides, to run ad-blocking APK requires a rooted device.

Is It Safe to Root Your Phone?

Rooting Android is safe and not safe. If you have full knowledge over rooting process then it is safe. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, then you may brick your phone. Besides, Android is designed to make difficult for rooting.

The reason is users may install malware and virus into their mobile. As a result, Android will get affected. Also, there is a chance that you change something in the OS you don’t know. So, the whole system may crash.

Is Rooting an Android Phone a Good Idea?

Rooting Android is a good idea and also a bad idea. It depends on your intention. Android root is a good idea if you are an Android developer and want to experiment with your mobile.

Also, you can explore your smartphone if it is rooted.

Besides, there is some default bloatware in your Android phones. This bloatware can’t be uninstalled and they make your phone slow.

So, you will be able to uninstall and delete that bloatware after rooting.

Moreover, various bugs, malware, and the virus can affect your Android phone and you can’t eliminate them easily. So, sometimes you need to flash your phone in a factory reset. As a result, you need to root your device.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to root and what type of Android Apps you will install after rooting, then rooting is a bad idea. Also, if you don’t know how to root, then you better not to think about it.

Besides, during and after rooting if you mess up with the system code, then you will not get your phone as same as it was. So, now you decide whether you root Android phone or not.

What is Android Root Software?

Android root software, Android rooting APK, root Android, and Android root tool are all same terms. Simply they mean different Android Apps which will root your device.

There are many rooting Apps you may find online but not all of them work. Also, many Android root software doesn’t support all Android device. So, finding the best rooting App is a tough task.

With Android root software, you can root your Android smartphone in a few seconds. Besides, there are few Android rooting APK available which are known for “One Click Root”.

That means you can root your Android phone with rooting APK in just one click.

What is the Best Android Rooting Software?

There are many Android rooting software tools you will find in the market. But as I said not all work same. So, we have researched and compiled some best Android rooting APK below.

  1. KingRoot APK
  2. KingoRoot APK
  3. FramaRoot APK
  4. Towelroot APK
  5. iRoot APK
  6. One Click Root APK
  7. Root Master APK

However, KingRoot and KingoRoot are the best Android rooting software. This two rooting APK have 99% success rate. They also support thousands of Android devices.

Can You Root Android without PC?

Well, previously you need to root Android phone with computer manually. But nowadays you have both PC or without PC options.

There are few Android rooting APK which doesn’t need PC. You just simply download rooting APK from ViralAPK.com and root your phone.

Besides, few Android rooting software has a PC version. So, you can download software for your PC and root Android smartphone.

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