WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version v2.19.103

WhatsApp Messenger, one of the best chatting App you will find online. It’s simple, easy and popular. Here you can download WhatsApp APK latest version.

Also, you will learn how to install and use this amazing Application. Besides, I will show you the main features like what you can do with WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp Messenger APK?

Mobile messaging is not cheap, you need to pay per message. So, think how much does it cost to chat like 40-50 messages? I think you got the problem. To make it worse, what if the 40 messages don’t complete your conversation?

WhatsApp APK Download

Well, that will cost you big money, isn’t it? So, if you find a simple chatting App for Android mobile which can do the job, you will be happy. Moreover, what if the messenger App is free?

Well, to make messaging easy and free, I am introducing you to WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp lets you chat as long as you can with no charge. But you need a simple internet connection and an Android smartphone. Also, you can send media files such as text, image, and video.

Moreover, now you can call users who have WhatsApp on their mobile. It’s just simple and easy, isn’t it?

WhatsApp makes group chat easy. Now you can create a custom group. Also, you can add up to 256 people in your group. Interestingly, people make separate groups like family, friends, or business.

However, I will discuss WhatsApp features in details later in this post but first I will give you the download link.

From here you will get the secure WhatsApp latest version download link. Now I will explain how to download and install WhatsApp APK.

How to Download WhatsApp APK v2.19.103 for Android

If you are looking for WhatsApp APK latest version, then you have come to the right place. From here you will get the secure WhatsApp Messenger download link.

Just click on the download button from above and the APK file will be downloaded on your Android device. Besides, you will find the downloaded file in the “Download Folder” on your mobile.

Now I will guide you on how to install WhatsApp Messenger on your mobile.

WhatsApp Messenger App File Info

APK Name: WhatsApp Messenger

Latest Version: v2.19.103

Update: 12th April 2019

Package Name: com.whatsapp

File Size: 33.86 MB

Developer Credit: WhatsApp Inc.

APK Category: Social

Ratings: 4.4/5

Downloads: 1 Billion+

WhatsApp APK Download Link


Google Play Store

How to Install WhatsApp Messenger v2.19.103

Firstly, go to the download folder on your device and find the WhatsApp APK file.

Secondly, click to open the file and the “Install” button will come.

Thirdly, tap on the “Install” button and the installation process will begin. Now wait for a little and the APK will be installed on your mobile.

After installing, open WhatsApp and verify with your mobile number. Then just set up the profile picture, status, and you are good to go. Now add people from your contact and invite them.

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WhatsApp Common Features

Easy but Reliable Instant Messaging for Family and Friends

After downloading and installing, you are ready to message to your family or friends. No ID or password required.

Besides, the user interface is very simple. Just verify with your phone number once and you don’t need to worry about logging in again.

No Fee just Internet Connection

WhatsApp APK is a free Android App. Also, there is no charge for messaging or voice calling. Instead, a simple internet connection or Wi-Fi will be enough for using this service.

From 2G to 5G any kind of internet works for WhatsApp App.

Voice Message, Voice and Video Calling

WhatsApp Messenger, the name implies the instant messaging service but this App is more than that. Now WhatsApp APK has voice messaging feature.

So, you don’t want to message your friend, well, no problem, record and send a voice message.

However, if your internet speed is good then you can call your friend just like a normal phone call.

Often, the sound quality is higher than the normal phone calling. Just select which friend you want to call and hit the call button.

Moreover, due to technological advancement, texting and calling aren’t enough. So, WhatsApp APK has introduced video calling feature for you.

The only requirement is that you need a better internet connection.

Multimedia Sharing is Now Piece of Cake with WhatsApp APK

How about sending pictures or videos via WhatsApp App? Well, years ago you can’t imagine sending a picture through MMS because of high charge. Now you can send not only pictures but also audio and video to your friends.

Moreover, WhatsApp APK lets you send and share multimedia at high speed. So, you don’t have to wait for a while after hitting the send button.

Faster Cross Country Communication

The phone number is used to communicate within the border. If you call abroad then the charge is skyrocketed. So, WhatsApp APK has made it easy and cost-free.

With WhatsApp Messenger, you can communicate with another country without spending a dime. The reason is it uses mobile internet data, not operator package.

So, there will be no charge from your phone balance but it will cost the mobile MB or GB.

However, you can’t call an emergency number such as 911 with WhatsApp APK.

Customize Group Messaging

To put simply, WhatsApp provides different group feature as per your need. So, you need to create a group for your business client then you can do it.

Also, you will be able to create and manage groups for family, friends, and classmates.

Now create or add as many groups as you want and share pictures, videos, and texts. However, you can send and share almost 250 people at once.

WhatsApp Web Seamless Synchronization

WhatsApp APK is an Android application which you can only use one Android device. But how about messaging when you are not in your Android mobile?

Well, WhatsApp has introduced web version for desktop. So, you can synchronize WhatsApp across various devices then chat from which device you find convenient.

Encrypted Security Mode

WhatsApp APK uses end-to-end encryption method for sharing files. It is the top-notch security system for messaging platform. So, only you and the person you share files with can see what you have shared.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the security breach and data hack.

Share Documents up to 100MB

As I said WhatsApp APK is not the messaging platform anymore. It has brought many features step by step with the latest version.

First only messaging then media sharing and now it comes with documents sharing feature.

Now you will be able to send and share the spreadsheet, excel file, PDF, slideshow, and other file formats. However, the file size shouldn’t be exceeding 100MB.

Capture and Send Media Instantly

The latest version of WhatsApp APK comes with a built-in camera. So, whenever needed you can capture your favorite moments and send them instantly to your friends.

Also, you will be able to send pictures or videos at high speed even though you have a slow internet connection.

Feature Summary

  • With the internet connection, WhatsApp users can easily message with other living anywhere in the world. Also, there will be no charge for chatting.
  • WhatsApp users can send pictures, GIFs and videos to other users.
  • Now WhatsApp provides voice-over easy and clear.
  • With the built-in camera, now you can capture the image and send it instantly.
  • For any work purposes, you will be able to send documents through WhatsApp.
  • Besides, you can make not only voice call but also voice message and send it any time.

WhatsApp APK Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is WhatsApp APK safe?

Yes, WhatsApp APK is safe and secure. In the latest version, WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption system for messaging. So, nobody can see or use your texts. Also, WhatsApp itself does not store your data.

2. How do I install WhatsApp on my Android phone?

Download WhatsApp APK latest version from the above. Go to file manager and under APK folder check for WhatsApp APK. Now tap on the APK file and click on Install button.

3. How can I get stickers on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp APK has a new addition called ‘Stickers” you can use along with emoji and GIF. In order to send a sticker, go to chat thread and you will see the emoji icon in the left side of your message box. Now click on the emoji icon.

Then at the bottom, you will see the sticker icon along with emoji and GIF icons. Click on the sticker category and tap on the sticker you want to send. Then your selected sticker will be sent to your friend.

4. Why can’t I download WhatsApp on my Android?

There are several possible reasons behind your failure to download WhatsApp APK. Inadequate internal storage is one of them.

WhatsApp APK file size is more or less 130 MB. So, if your Android smartphone does not have at least 130 MB internal space then the APK file will not be downloaded.

So, try to delete some unnecessary APK files and clear up some space for WhatsApp App.

Another possible reason could be your internet connection. So, check your internet data package before downloading WhatsApp.

5. Why is WhatsApp not installing in my phone?

First of all, you need to enable to install APK from third party sources. Generally, Android OS does not allow to install APK from outside sources for potential risk.

WhatsApp is a safe APK file. So, enable the unknown source by following this.

Settings >> Privacy >> tick/check to enable unknown source.

Secondly, there are some minimum requirements to use WhatsApp APK.

You need to have a minimum Android version in your mobile OS. Which version is required is varied when the new WhatsApp APK version comes.

So, check the OS requirement for your WhatsApp version. Android is changing to newer version often as well as WhatsApp. So, update your OS and you are ready to install WhatsApp APK.

Also, check your mobile internal space. Usually, insufficient memory creates a problem during installation.

6. How do I download WhatsApp on Android?

You can download WhatsApp APK latest version on your Android from this post. We have prepared the latest version for you.

Just click the download button above the APK file will be downloaded on your Android device. Moreover, our download link is 100% safe and secure.

7. Is WhatsApp APK Free?

WhatsApp APK is 100% free to use. There is no charge or extra in-app purchase for you.

8. Does WhatsApp APK harm your device?

No, WhatsApp APK is 100% safe for your device. You can find WhatsApp App in Google Play Store which means WhatsApp is approved by Android OS. So, it will cause no harm to your Android device.

9. Is WhatsApp safe to send pictures?

Yes, WhatsApp is safe to send pictures. WhatsApp APK does not store your information. Besides, whatever you send is being encrypted so nobody can see them except you and the receiver.

10. How do I install WhatsApp on my mobile?

At first, download WhatsApp APK from the above of this post. Now tap on the APK file to open and click the install button. It takes a few seconds then the download will complete.

11. Can you get WhatsApp on Android phone?

Of course, you can get WhatsApp App on your Android phone. Besides, you can get WhatsApp for iPhone, Windows phone and for PC.

Also, you do not need to search around WhatsApp for Android. We update when the latest version comes up.

If you want to download WhatsApp APK on Android phone right now then scroll above and click on the download button.

12. How do I set up WhatsApp without a phone number?

Download WhatsApp APK from this post if you haven’t already. Click to install and wait for completing the process.

Now open WhatsApp APK and enter your country, land phone or home phone number. After five minutes the verification of SMS will fail.

Then you have the option to get a call. Choose to call me an option and get a call from WhatsApp.

Now you will get an automated call from WhatsApp with 6-digit verification code. Just enter the code to WhatsApp and you are good to go.

13. How can I add stickers in WhatsApp in Android?

Open WhatsApp APK and select a person to chat. In your chat box, tap on emoji and select sticker from the bottom.

Now you will see different category stickers such as your favorite stickers as well as various stickers you liked. Just tap on which one you want to send and the stickers will be sent.

14. Why WhatsApp is not working?

Generally, slow or no internet connection create problems. That’s why check your network connection before opening WhatsApp APK.

APK cache sometimes disrupts WhatsApp App for working properly. Just go to “Settings”, check for “Installed Apps” and tap on WhatsApp. Then tap on “Clear Cache” and the cache files will be deleted.

Finally, if the above methods do not work then uninstall WhatsApp APK and reinstall it.

15. Can you get banned from WhatsApp?

Yes, your account or specifically your phone number can get banned if you violate WhatsApp terms and conditions. Also, WhatsApp APK will reinstate your account if they think they have banned your account by mistake.

16. How can I unlock my banned WhatsApp?

If you get banned then you need to send a message to WhatsApp. So, go to support@whatsapp.com and send a message including your banned phone number.

If WhatsApp APK thinks they have banned you mistakenly then they will consider unblocking your phone number.

Final Verdict

Guys, here are all about WhatsApp APK latest version. From now on, I will update this post with the latest version. So, please visit this post in the future and get the best of WhatsApp experience.

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