Zapya APK Download Latest Version v5.7.8 for Android

Download Zapya APK latest version free for Android from here. If you want a faster file sharing App without losing mobile data, then Zapya should be your first choice.

Download Zapya APK Free for Android

Zapya APK Download

Zapya is the best file sharing App transfers media and document 100X times faster than Bluetooth.

Also, Zapya is the popular Android App because it can transfer files seamlessly across various platform and devices.

So, with the user-friendly interface, Zapya provides the best file transfer experience.

Here you will get the download link of Zapya APK latest version for Android along with the installation process. Also, you will find how to transfer and share different files with Zapya.

What is Zapya APK?

Zapya is a simple file transfer App. It is used to share files across among platforms such as Android device, PC, Windows phone and computer, iPhone, iPad, and Mac. That means you can transfer documents among whatever devices you want instantly. Moreover, it supports multiple languages.

Is Zapya Android App Free?

Yes, Zapya app is 100% free forever. The only catch is it contains advertisements. Also, the user base has already exceeded 300 million and still growing.

How Zapya APK Works?

To transfer files, Zapya does not need an internet connection or mobile data. It uses hotspot technology or Wi-Fi tethering to connect between devices.

So, even the large file can be transferred faster than Bluetooth. Moreover, the transfer rate is the maximum of 10MB per second.

The current version of Zapya is v5.7.8.

Now without further delay, let’s take a look at how to download and install Zapya APK latest version for Android.

How to download Zapya APK Latest Version v5.7.8 for Android

If you are looking for downloading Zapya APK latest version, then you are in the right post. From here you will get the direct download link of Zapya App.

We have prepared Zapya latest version for you. Just click on the “Download” button below and the APK file will be downloaded in your mobile.

If you want to see it, then go to your mobile file manager and under APK folder look for Zapya APK v5.7.8.

Download Link

Google Play Store

Zapya APK for Android File Info

File Transfer App Name: Zapya – File Transfer, Sharing

APK Latest Version: v5.7.8

Latest Version Updated on 12th April 2019

File Size: 9.34 MB

APK Package Name:

Category: Tools

User License: Free

Contains Ads: Yes

Android OS Version: 4.1+

Developer Credit: Dewmobile, Inc.

Language: English

How to Install Zapya APK on Android

To install Zapya APK v5.7.8, follow these steps below.

Step 1: Go to file manager or download folder. Then look for Zapya APK file.

Step 2: Tap on the file to open. Now click on the “Install” button.

Step 3: Permit to access your mobile storage, contacts, and media.

Step 4: Wait and the APK file will be installed in your device. Now click to open and use Zapya for Android.

If you read this that means you have already downloaded and installed Zapya App on your Android smartphone.

However, now I will show you how to transfer files from Android to Android or between PC and Android.

How to Transfer Files with Zapya

Zapya is the best file transfer App in the market. Because of the simplicity and user-friendly interface, Android users love it.

You can transfer files between the Android device and other Android phones. Also, you can transfer files from your Android mobile to PC.

However, here I am going to show you how to transfer files or media with Zapya App.

Firstly, open Zapya APK on both device.

Secondly, at the bottom of the dashboard, you will see the connection icon. Now tap on the connection.

Thirdly, there you will see two options. One is to create a group and another is to join the group. Now tap on join group and your device will search the other one. Once it finds another Zapya user then it will connect.

However, if you fail to find the other user, then you can scan the QR code to connect.

Finally, now both devices are connected and you can start transferring files.

Zapya APK has a different category for various types of files such as APK, Photos, Videos, and others.

So, go to the category you want and select the file then hit send button at the bottom. You will see Zapya transfers files at the lightning speed.

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Main Features

Fastest File Transfer APK

Zapya uses advanced technology to transfer files. Once you hit send, it will transfer even large files in a short time.

Cross-platform File Sharer

No matter how many devices and what kind of devices you have, Zapya can transfer any type of file among them.

So, Zapya can handle mobile to mobile, mobile to PC, Android to iPhone, iPhone to Windows, Windows to Android, and Windows to Mac file transfer.

No Cable and No Internet

You don’t need to connect the cable between mobile to PC to transfer files. Now Zapya uses Wi-Fi tethering or hotspot to transfer files.

Also, you don’t have internet, well, no problem. Zapya will use Wi-Fi technology to share files.

No Mobile Data

Even for large file size, Zapya does not cost your mobile data at all. So, transfer files without worrying about the data plan. Also, after transferring, it will show how much data you save.

Any File Format and Any File Size

Zapya allows all file formats such as photo, video, APK to PDF, GIF, and MS Office. Also, you can transfer MP3, MP4 and all kind of video format.

Moreover, file size does not matter while transferring with Zapya. You are free to transfer any file size you want.

Final Thought

Well, guys, here are all about Zapya APK latest version for Android smartphone. I will update the download link every time the new version releases. So, visit this post for updating Zapya.

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